Wood houses

Every human wants to live further from the noise and naughty neighbors, closer to nature, that’s why sooner or later there is arising a wish to build your own house. Before you take a serious decision to build a wood house for your family, consider different variations of important aspects – what house foundation will be, what thermal insulation materials you will choose, how you will make communications, what kind of inner decoration will you choose, sound insulation etc.

The wooden flooring structure, the wooden carcass construction is simple – the vertical steamboat reinforces the wooden stacks and creates a wooden frame. The creation of a wood house consists of horizontal and vertical frames. In turn, partitions during the construction of a wooden prefabricated house are filled with high-quality thermal insulation. Double-sided wood prefabricated house wall finishes are optimal in terms of energy consumption. Wood is flexible, it is able to walk, which is an essential factor in cases when the soil changes the home base.

If in this case the brick house is based on minor changes, there are cracks in the house-bearing structures, it does not occur in the buildings.
The ease of wood houses is another indicator that facilitates the construction of houses on the weak soil. If the stone house may not be built in certain places due to its weight, the construction of the wood house allows it.

Why is wood so wonderful material? Because it’s so diverse. The species of wood are so varied and each has its own natural characteristics, which can be applied accordingly as needed. Some tree species are great for thermal insulation, other species have acoustic qualities, special structure, color, appearance. Still, certain tree species are suitable for structural timber frames, walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.

Compared to a masonry or cement building, a wooden house can be built up in half in a shorter period. Also, the very positive qualities of a tree are its acoustic ability – the ability to quench noises. As the tree is soft, the construction process is quieter, and the house is still quieter. Contrary to a concrete building, a wooden house is easier without the need for massive hair extensions. What is anti-allergic material, if kept dry and adequately treated, does not contain any toxic impurities?

Wood transportation is easy because the material is lightweight. Since Latvia is the most accessible material, transportation is not a problem. In addition, the large amount of forests in Latvia ensures rapid material rejuvenation. As wood is 100% natural material, it is fully recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.
The view that timber and wooden houses are not durable is a thing of the past.

Wooden houses – popular in all of the world

The process of building of wooden houses in Latvia is nowadays reality and it proves an obscure increasing of the number of houses. The tendency such like this has been observed in all of the world. Financially secured persons also choose to build wooden house instead of masonry of brick house. The tendency such like this has been observed both in countries, where the process of building of wooden houses is traditional (North America – USA and Canada, Scandinavia, Russia) and in countries, where typical are brick and stone (forged stone) buildings (Germany, also Scandinavia etc.).

Mostly this is connected with economical reasons, but it is important, that wooden houses has big advantages. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but, if properly constructing them, it is possible to eliminate them. When planning and choosing your private house, it is worthy to examine pluses and minuses of the wooden house for guaranteed safe and comfortable living in the living space.

Wooden panel houses – which are the pluses?

The weight of the wooden 

The air circulation in the wooden houses usually is better (the wood is breathing), it is possible to sleep better in houses such like this, which is not applicable to brick or concrete houses, and in long term it influences people’s health.house usually is three times less than the same size brick or stone (wrought stone).

Building of wooden house will save your money, this is considerable also in places, where the soil is enough soft, where it is impossible to do, when building houses from the stone.

The wood has great thermal insulation properties because of the low permeability of the heath. The building, which is built from the 20 cm diameter beam, has better isolation than buildings, which are built from bricks and which walls are 32 cm thick in average, plaster coated with 1,5 cm from the both sides. While using the wooden house, it will spend less money for the heating. It means, than, living it wooden houses, you save your money also on heating.

From the material point of view, costs of the wooden house for it’s owner are lower because of unnecessity of decorative process of walls, relative brick material, costs, transporting and mounting. Wooden walls are looking esthetically more likely both from the inside and outside of the house.

Another plus of the wooden house – quick mounting and dismounting. If it is necessary, wooden panel house is possible to can be disassembled, transported and assembled in a new place.

Nowadays modern technology can make wood resistant and safe.

In addition, the very important fact is that the wood provides a fire-resistant construction – at high temperatures, the tree does not transform.

Since there is such a wide range of facade finishing materials, a wooden house can actually deceive and successfully hide under the stone facade, creating an illusion of the existence of a stone house.

Take a look at this video as a top wooden frame folding house from start to finish.